nakedfotolady (nakedfotolady) wrote in getcrafty,

help! i need to make a huge mask!

 My roommate is a betting man and one of his friends lost a recent bet, so he has to make a costume for that guy to wear to a baseball game. The costume is based on the mets guy (mr.  mets) and i told him i might be able to help with the construction of the head part, but i'm not really sure what would work best. does anyone have any ideas about how to best make the mask/head gear part of this costume so it's big and round like mr. mets? picture below of how it is supposed to look. 

any ideas about how to make this big, round head?
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Papier mache?

You could form a big round shape by stuff a garbage bag with newspaper? Because you need a head-hole, it would be big enough to pull everything out of. Maybe.
Yeah, that might be simplest. Otherwise you'd need a framework of some sort to keep it round - chickenwire, possibly. Not sure if you could get a beachball big enuf to serve - if you could, a big inflatable one, then you could use that as your form and just deflate to remove once it was dry. Then even if you want to cover it with cloth after, the papier-mache would be your framework.
Ehow has a link on how to make a mascot costume, including instructions on making a round head: